ACEC Delaware

The ACEC Delaware is a non-profit, self-governing organization of consulting engineering firms of various disciplines. We are dedicated to encouraging the highest technical and ethical standards of the profession while advancing the business of engineers as consultants.

Next time you need an engineer, select an acec delaware member

Engineers help define the physical infrastructure that supports our society and makes our lives safer, cleaner, and more comfortable. When you need a consulting engineer, we encourage you to consider a member of the American Council of Engineering Companies – Delaware Chapter (ACEC Delaware). Our members are dedicated to the high technical and ethical standards of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) the largest national organization of engineers in the independent practice of consulting engineering.

What is a consulting engineer?

Consulting Engineers are individuals who, because of training in one or more engineering specialties, are licensed professional engineers in private practice. They serve private and public clients in ways ranging from brief consultations to the complete design and coordination of a project. Learn more about Consulting Engineers:

How to Select an Engineer

The Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) procurement process is the most widely endorsed legal method for selecting a design professional by public owners.

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